Friday, 8 October 2010

A Beauty Post: Models Own & Miss Sport

I never go without nail polish on my nails... you should see our fridge. More nail polish than anything else in there. They last longer if you keep them cold... Models own is a brand I haven't tried yet, but they look so nice don't they? Two negative things are that the bottles are massive and cost £5 each. Massive bottles mean it will probably dry and get lumpy before you get to use it all. Have you tried Models Own? Do they dry out?

I've noticed that one of my best nail polishes is by budget bran Miss Sporty. It was a gift so I never really noticed what brand it was. But next time I need a new colour (now!) I'll check them out in Boots. They dry quickly and evenly and one coat is enough. And only cost £1.99!

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