Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ice cream day!

Finally! Some photos from my phone! My phone is useless by the way. It keeps turning itself off a million times per day... grr.
Anyhow... I'm on my own today. I'm watching dexter, I've been in town and looked around, got a small B&J on my way home. Yummy. Only got a small one because I wanted to eat it on the way. :P
I got some strawberries from the supermarket too, that I've just had for dinner with quark plus some sandwiches. Also very yummy.
photo © Russian Doll


  1. great perspective on the carton...I totally thought it was a HUGE statue-like size B & J carton! then realized it was close to the camera and the yard was in the distance. *whew*

  2. haha it's funny that you say that. my little sis that that when I showed her the photo too but it took me a while to see it :) I wish it WAS that big ;)